Question The manual for the Flashback X4 and your FAQs say that MIDI sync overrides the delay knob. I've a couple of questions I can't find the answer to in the documentation.
  1. When the X4 is receiving MIDI clock/sync does the "subdivision" control work as normal allowing the selection of dotted eighths or does MIDI sync override the subdivision switch
  2. When in looper mode (so that the delay time is set by the delay knob rather than tap tempo) does MIDI sync still override the delay time knob or not It would be very convenient to be able to MIDI sync the delay time in looper mode rather than having to adjust a knob (which isn't really a viable thing to do playing live).
  1. The subdivision will still be applied to the tempo. only the global tempo is replaced by the incoming MIDI tempo. 
  2. The MIDI sync still controls the tempo when you are passing in looper mode. If you were on a preset in the delay mode, it will continue working in looper mode.