Question How do I update my BG250 software

Please follow the steps below: THIS UPDATE IS ONLY FOR THE ORIGINAL BG250-115 WITH ONE TONEPRINT SLOT ONLY (and A fixed Tube Drive feature) IT IS NOT FOR THE NEWER RANGE OF BG250-115, BG250-210, BG250-112, and BG250-208
  1. Download the software update zip-file and unpack it
  2. Connect the amp to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  3. Press and hold the Mute button while powering up the Amp. The B and G LEDs on the tuner will light up to indicate that you are in update mode
  4. Run the .exe file if youre on a PC, run the .dmg file if youre on the Mac
  5. Choose TC Bass Amp Boot as output device
  6. Click on Update
  7. When the status bar reaches 100% the amp will automatically switch to standard mode and youre done