Question Is it possible to make a wah-wah effect on the G-Major

We've tried to create a Wah-wah preset which we find sounds the closest to a Wah-Wah, and believe it to be possible to make a very acceptable Wah-Wah effect, by simply combining 3 parameters.These settings can of course be modified according to your own taste, so consider them a good starting point:
  • Select the Filter/Mod key
  • Choose the sub algorithm : Resonance
  • Style : 2nd
  • The other parameters will be controlled by the pedal
Then doubleclick the Mod (modifier) button and assign your pedal to MOD - press Enter - and put "M1" in front of the parameters:
  • FIL Hicut
  • FIL Res
  • FIL Mix
For each of these controlled parameter, you must now configure the curve of the pedal.
  1. Choose the first parameter ( FIL Hicut) and press enter to get into the pedal mapping
  2. Set the parameters : MIN = 34%, MID = 50%, MAX = 67%Repeat the operation for FIL res . MIN = 0%, MID = 50%, MAX = 90%and FIL MIX . MIN = 0%, MID = 5%, MAX = 100%
  3. Save the settings as a user preset