Question Which MIDI interface do you recommend for updating my old TC product  

This FAQ applies to the products listed below, some of which are now discontinued and others whose last software update was released before 2005. Consequently, the update can ONLY be performed with old models of MIDI interfaces listed below and PC running Windows XP. The list below is partly based upon tests done by TC back in these days, and reports that came in from users.  This does not denote a guarantee that an interface will work, as software updates can fail under certain system configurations. You can always try with modern MIDI interface. At worse, the update will not work. If you really need to update, you can have the operation done by service centers or TC Denmark.   These interfaces are recommended for software updates:
  • CME U2MIDI v2,
  • Creative Soundblaster PCI-128,
  • Edirol FA101,
  • M-Audio Oxygen 8,
  • Midiman USB Midisport 1x1, 2x2, 8x8 *
  • MPU-401 compatible soundcards,
  • Steinberg USB2,
  • Terratec EWS88, 
  These interfaces cannot be recommended for doing software updates:
  • M-Audio Uno "Revision" (old version works)
  • Creamware Luna II
  • Edirol UM-1
  • Edirol UM1S
  • Edirol PCR-50
  • Edirol SD-90
  • Emagic MT4 & Unitor8
  • RME FireFace
  • RME HDSP Digiface & Multiface
  • Steinberg MIDEX3
  • Steinberg MIDEX8
  • Turtle Beach Voyetra
  • M-Audio Midisport 1x1
Please note: this does not mean that theyre bad MIDI interfaces; they are just unsuitable for these particular software updates. * Several customers have reported difficulties with some models that should work - our best guess is that the unit hardware or software was changed at some point during the product lifecycle. The only workaround we're aware of, is to try another interface. 
This FAQ applies to the following products: C300 (discontinued) C400XL (discontinued) D-Two G-Major (discontinued) G-Sharp (discontinued) G-System / Ltd. / iB Modified M-One (discontinued) M-One XL M300 (discontinued) M350 Triple-C (discontinued) XO24