Question What is the maximum number of Reverb6000 / System6000 / Mastering6000 mainframes and TC ICONs that can be used in a network

Because the networking uses standard TCP/IP, it's limited to the amount of numbers in a TCP/IP range which is 255. In a TCP/IP number range you can assign from e.g. to Therefore theoretically it's possible to set up a network of 1 Icon hardware remote / Icon Editor (on Windows/Mac) and 254 Mainframes. Furthermore, a maximum of 10 Icon hardware remotes and Windows/Mac Icon editors can connect to and access the SAME Mainframe at the same time. This means that you can theoretically have more Icons / Icon Editors on the network, but "only" 10 can be assigned to control the same Mainframe at the same time. On the network, hardware Icons and Icon Editors have the same status; meaning it's the total of Icon surfaces that has a limit of 10, for one Mainframe.