Question What type of pedal should I use with the G-System and why

This answer concerns software version 2.01: On the G-System you have 2 pedal inputs on the GFX01 and 2 inputs on the Controller. They are labeled VOL and EXP, but they are actually identical.   There are basically 2 types of pedal that you can connect to these inputs :
  1. Expression type : 25 to 50K  linear pot.
  2. Volume type 250K log pot.
EXPRESSION : when you connect an expression type, you must set the parameter 'TYPE' to   'EXP'. The calibration will reproduce a linear response to which we give a special feel that is nice for controlling both parameters (expression) and volume. VOLUME : When you connect a volume type, you must set the parameter to 'VOL'. In this case, the software calibration will copy the curve of the pedal. If you assign the pedal to the volume, the response will be the same as if your volume pedal was inserted in the audio flow. If you like the feel of your volume pedal, you will have the same feel using it for volume on the G-System. If you assign the volume pedal to control some parameters (expression) such as the wahwah, you will probably need to adjust the mapping parameters (min, mid and max in %) which are associated to the parameter control, to compensate the fact that your pedal has a logarithmic response, when a linear one would be more suitable.   It is not possible any more to remap the volume curve. The only way to do it is to cheat the calibration by setting a min and a max in other positions than the physical positions.