Question What are the main things to check when selecting a MIDI board to control a G-Force or G-Major/ G-Major 2

 The features that are in the different MIDI boards can vary, and the degree of control of G-Force/G-Major will also vary in function of these features. If you check the board, you should notice the following features:
  1. Send MIDI program change (to recall presets) - Basically they all do that at least.
  2. Send MIDI CC (continuous controllers).
    1. From one or two expression pedals : this will allow you to control the global volume and/or some effects parameters (i.e. a delay mix) - MIDI boards with an integrated expression pedal will do that. Some boards have an external input for an expression pedal. That will also work.
    2. From switch buttons. The switch will be able to control individual effect blocks ON/OFF. The switch must send a MIDI CC that will toggle between values 0 and 127 (on/off). This feature varies a lot on different MIDI boards. Many boards do not have that option, some have some dedicated switches, and some have more.
If you just need to recall presets, select a simple board (it will also be more affordable). If you need to have instant access to Effect blocks - i.e. activate a delay or a reverb without changing preset, you will need a more advanced MIDI board.