Question I have installed the Virus|PowerCore on my Mac OS X system, but am unable to load it from within my audioprogram. What is going on

This can happen under some MacOS X versions with certain StuffIt Expander versions installed. To get Virus|PowerCore recognised properly, try the following:
  1. Confirm that you have a VirusPowerCore.framework file located here (see below). If you have the framework file in this location, please scroll to the bottom of this article for information on installing Audio Units support for the Virus|PowerCore. If you do not have the framework file in this location, please proceed to Step 2.
  2. Verify that you have StuffIt Expander 9 or higher installed. To do this, please locate the StuffIt Expander application and press Apple+i (see below). If you have an older version please go to the StuffIt Expander website to download the latest version.   
  3. Locate the Virus|PowerCore plug-in Installation package, which you received a downloadlink to, when you requested the Virus|PowerCore for your PowerCore.
  4. Rightclick on the Installer program and select "Show package contents".
  5. Go to "Contents":
  6. Go to "Resources":
  7. Locate the VirusPowercoreFramework.sit file and drag it to the desktop:
  8. Unstuff the file so the VirusPowerCoreLibrary.framework file appears:
  9. Drag the VirusPowerCoreLibrary.framework file to the folder below:
  10. Now the Virus|PowerCore should be recognised properly by your hostprogram. If you are using either Cubase or Nuendo, be sure that the Virus|PowerCore is checked in the Plug-in Information window.
If you wish to use the Audio Units version of the Virus, please run the PowerCore Installerprogram again, choosing "Refresh AudioUnits Only" instead of "Easy Install". For more information about converting PowerCore plug-ins into the Audio Units format, please see this FAQ.