Question I cannot configuring the expression pedal with my Alter Ego X4. I want to modify only delay level but when I move the exp pedal I also have changes in delay time and feedback. Why Answer First, please make sure you use an expression pedal with the required specifications. See here about this topic. The issue you are experiencing is because once you have assigned one parameter to the expression pedal, for instance for delay level, if you touch any of the knobs, you will be changing the expression assignment. Doing this modifies the mapping for the expression pedal and you no longer get the parameter settings you chose first with the exp pedal. Once you setup a parameter or a combination of parameters to be modified with the exp. pedal, you do not have to touch any knob on the pedal. If you touch one knob, simply change for another preset and go back to the initial preset. You will find the settings you've done first. Please note here exactly on how to proceed: -Make sure no parameter is assigned to exp pedal. If needed, reset parameters and parameter ranges to the exp pedal. See on the user manual at page 19 on how to resetting parameters and parameter ranges. Or here. -Then disconnect the expression pedal from the Alter Ego X4. -Make your own preset using the following parameters: *Delay Type Selector (you can chose also one of the TonePrint slot)*Delay time knob *Subdivision *Feedback knob *Delay Level knob -Once you are satisfied with your own preset, store it in one of the preset slots, A, B or C.-Connect the exp pedal to the Alter Ego X4. -Assign a parameter or combination of parameters and parameter ranges to the expression pedal as described at page 19 on the user manual. Or here. You can chose one parameter or a combination of several parameters and a selected range for each parameter. Now you are done. But again, once the parameter(s) is assigned to the exp. pedal do not touch the knobs. Otherwise, change to another preset and go back to previous preset to reset. I suggest to download the latest version of TonePrint editor V.3. One of the new feature is the "Expression pedal mappings". It's in the editor window. You can see which parameter(s) is assigned to the exp pedal. (except for Triple Delay) Furthermore, if you move the exp pedal, you are able to see the affected parameter(s) and setting(s) moving in the same movement as the pedal. It is located here for downloading To conclude, you can also use your exp. pedal to change any other parameter available through the TonePrint Editor. Please see this topic. This FAQ is for the Flashback X4, Flashback Triple Delay and Alter Ego X4