Question 1. There are 2 DIP switches inside the pedal. The first one turns on-off the buffered bypass. What does the second DIP switch do 2. When I turn on the buffer bypass, I should expect no sound to come through when there is no power supply. In my case, I have no battery or external power supply, and sound still comes through the pedal (with the pedal disengaged of course). Why 3. If I choose to use the buffered bypass, does my signal go through AD/DA conversion, or does the pedal use an analog buffer circuit Answer 1. The second DIP switch does nothing - It is used for Killdry in other pedals, but in Hyper Gravity it is not used.  2. Even in buffer bypass, if the power gets off, the pedal gets back into "true bypass" to let the signal pass. The buffer is not handled by the switch relay itself. So you can actually consider this as an extra feature we never advertised :-)  3. It is a fully analog circuit. Even when the unit is on, and you use the Blend knob in a different position as max, the dry analog signal still passes through.