Question What is the PowerCore Messenger introduced in Powercore 1.7

Please click here to download the latest PowerCore software. The PowerCore Messenger is a method for communicating errors that occur with PowerCore Plug-Ins. This replaces the 'OK' box notifying you that a plug-in has failed, used with older driver versions. Under normal operating circumstances, you will not see PowerCore Messenger. While the utility works transparently with all types of PowerCores, it is especially handy with FireWire-based PowerCores. Imagine having a fully loaded session, and then accidentally disconnecting the PowerCore from the Firewire port of your computer during your mix. Should something like that happen, an alert box would appear for each plug-in in use that has been 'lost' due to the disconnect. With PowerCore Messenger, these warnings appear in a single window, which is much easier to manage.
From PowerCore v. 4 for Mac OS X, the Messenger was removed. Error notifications now appear in the Console application.