Question The TonePrint beaming works but a lot of times the pedal LED flashes red at the end of the transmission. What can I do

If the beamed TonePrint misses some data the pedal won't be updated and your previous TonePrint wil stay active. Simply try the beaming again and make sure your hand doesn't cover the speaker area of your IOs device. Also check the levels on your phone and your guitar. A successful beaming is indicated by your pedal's LED showing a green blinking sequence at the end of the transmission before turning red again. If it works intermittent, try changing the distance and angle of your iPhone towards the pickup and make sure you stay within 3 to 10 cm range. 
Applicable products:
  • Alter Ego Delay
  • Corona Chorus
  • Flashback Delay
  • Flashback X4
  • Hall of Fame Reverb
  • Gravy Chorus Vibrato
  • Shaker Vibrato
  • The Dreamscape
  • Transition Delay
  • Trinity Reverb
  • Vortex Flanger