Question I have a MIDI foot controller. a G-Major 2 and another MIDI processor. I would like to control both units presets via MIDI.  I saw I can use midi map to enable any preset from any program change inside the G-major 2. I would like to also use the same midi map to send a program change to my second MIDI unit. Can the G-major2 also control an external device with the midi map Answer The MIDI MAP is only for the internal bank and not for MIDI out. So you can send any MIDI Program change and MAP it to any G-Major 2 internal preset, but the MIDI OUT will not send anything. If you connect a cable to the MIDI THRU, the initial MIDI Program Change coming from the MIDI board will pass through to the next MIDI device.  The MIDI OUT connections only sends messages when you operate commands on the G-major 2 itself.
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