Question My TC Icon is not able to detect the mainframe. What could be the cause of the problem

Possible solutions: In some cases when the mainframe has been disconnected, it is required to re-detect the mainframe. Sometimes the TC Icon does not detect the mainframe at first instance. Pressing "detect" again could solve the problem.
  • You are using the wrong ethernet cable
Please note that for a single mainframe/ICON setup, a crossed ethernet cable must be used. The cable supplied with the system is of that type. If you want to replace this cable with another one, please make sure the ethernet cable is of the crossed type.
  • You have a setup with multiple mainframes or Icons.
In this case the system should be hooked up to a hub, and all network cables should be non-crossed standard ethernet cables.
  • Make sure that the TCP/IP adress and Subnet mask are set correctly on the TC ICON. The default address of the Mainframe is
The TC Icon´s adress should be where xxx can be any number between 001 and 254 but not 126, as this by default is occupied by the TC Mainframe. The Subnet mask of the Mainframe is by default. All other units/computers in the network should be set accordingly.