Question If you are experiencing some issues with your Ditto X2 i.e it can't regulate the level of the backing track, you can't save loops to your computer, you are getting some interference noise, crackling etc. If you do, please read on.  Answer There is in fact a "hard" reset for the Ditto X2. It's a simple operation and could fix some of the above mentioned software issues. It can be done in combination with the firmware update, if necessary. Here is on how to: Press and hold the LOOP footswitch. The LED will turn red for two seconds then it will turn off. Continue to hold the LOOP footswitch while you push and hold the STORE/LEVEL toggle switch to STORE position (top position) and hold it for a least thirteen seconds. After roughly five seconds, the LED will flash red three times. After a while it will turn to orange (green/red) for a few seconds. Then the LED will turn to red for two seconds and finally turned off. That's it, the "hard" reset is complete! Doing this operation, all data will be erased. If you are still experiencing issues, please try running a firmware update located here.