Question How do I use the USB Disk Mode Answer By default, connecting your Ditto X2 to your computer via USB will get the pedal into disk mode where it works just like any other external USB harddisk. The Loop LED will turn orange and the user interface stops working when the pedal is in disk mode. In this mode, you can drag audio files from your computer into the Ditto X2's Track folder to use them as backing tracks or guidance for your performance. Once you copy a file to the Track folder (by drag and drop) and disconnect the USB cable, your file will be converted (mp3s will be converted in to .wav and .aiff). Depending on the track length, this conversion might take a while to complete (around 2 minutes for the longest possible filesize which is six minutes). You can disable the Disk Mode by flipping the second dipswitch in the battery compartment to the upper position, but usually you wouldn't want to do this as it is only needed for a test mode.