Question On the display of my PolyTune, I get lower-case letter "d", is it a malfunction Answer No. The little "d" displayed on the bottom of the display is because the PolyTune is in "D Drop" mode. To get out from this mode, press and hold the foot switch to come back in the standard mode. After about 2 seconds, "STD" is displayed. Release the foot switch and "¤" replace the "d". With these symbols, you are able to know if the PolyTune is in "STD" mode or in "D DROP" mode. If you strum all the strings with a guitar and you see only 4 or 5 strings displayed, that is because the PolyTune is setting on "B" (bass) mode. To go out from this mode, push the little black button on the rear and on the left of the PolyTune named "display". Set the PolyTune in "G" mode. Every time push this little button, you see on the display :
  • "G" is for guitar needle mode
  • "G" is for guitar stroboscopic mode
  • "B" is for bass needle mode
  • "B" is for bass stroboscopic mode