Question Where are the presets stored How can I delete my user presets Answer The following locations will describe where you can find the presets. The presets are stored in a folder that is unique to each plug-in: Mac OSFactory Presets: /Library/Application Support/TC Electronic/"plug-in"/Presets/User Presets: ~/Library/Application Support/TC Electronic/"plug-in"/Presets/ WindowsFactory Presets: {System Drive}/Program Files/TC Electronic/"plug-in"/Presets/User Presets: My Documents/TC Electronic/"plug-in"/Presets/
  • To delete a file, simply move it to the 'Trash' or 'Recycle bin'.
  • To create a new sub-folder that appears in the plug-in menu, simply create a new folder in the plug-in folder that resides in the PRESETS folder of the p default preset location.
Note: A folder will not appear in the Preset File Menu unless it has at least one preset inside.