Question My digital mixer won't sync to the M-One's digital output at 44.1 kHz. When running my digital mixer at 48 kHz, everything is fine.

Some digital mixers read the status bit information from the S/PDIF input signal to determine which sample frequency the signal has. In previous software versions the M-One the status bits were always indicating that the sample frequency was 48 kHz, even when set to 44.1 kHz. Although most other pieces of digital equipment ignore those status bits, and the M-One works perfect with those, we have discovered that others do read the information. This was leading to synchronization problems in some cases and has been fixed in software version 1.4 and later. By installing the software update below, this problem will be solved. Further we have implented knob acceleration, to enable you to scroll through presets or to set parameter values faster. Download the software from this page and follow the instructions included with the installer software. A PC and a MIDI interface are required to install the software. For a list of tested MIDI interfaces, please click here.