Question Can the TC UnitY card be used in my Cascade setup

Yes and no. Extended Routing is not possible when a Yamaha Cascade card is used (please refer to page 14 of the user manual). The stereo bus insert on the UnitY card uses the same bus as the Yamaha Cascade card uses. When a Cascade card is inserted into the 02R the Cascade card have priority to use this bus. It is simply impossible to have both. Also returning the M2000 D.C. engines directly to the 02R stereo bus is impossible. The only solution we can offer is to send the ST LR signal to the FinalizerDC and then via an UnitY AES/EBU I/O-extension send the Finalizers output to the AES output of the card into your 2TR recorder and then monitor the Finalized signal on his 2TR return.