Question How do I set up Ableton Live so I can use the 4 part multi-timbrality and the 4 outputs of the Virus|PowerCore

  1. Create a new MIDI track in the Session view:
  2. Select the MIDI track and instantiate the Virus on it:
  3. Create 4 new MIDI tracks and give them unique names, so you can identify them. These will be the 4 tracks you use to send MIDI data to the 4 Virus parts.
  4. Set the MIDI To output for each of the 4 MIDI tracks to the Virus Instrument channel:
  5. Set the MIDI channel for each of the 4 MIDI tracks from 1-4. Each channel corresponds a given multi-timbral part on the Virus:
  6. Now create 3 new audiotracks and name them Output 2, Output 3 and Output 4.
  7. Set the Audio From parameter for each of the 3 new audio tracks to the Virus Instrument channel:
  8. Set the Track Out parameter for each of the 3 new audio tracks to the corresponding Virus Output:
  9. Click the Monitor In button for each of the 3 new audio tracks, so it turnsorange:
  10. These are the tasks for each component in the setup: MIDI tracks 1-4 control the MIDI on the 4 Virus parts. Record your MIDI data onto these tracks. The Virus Instrument channel, will output Virus part 1 + the return signal from the FX processors. Record no MIDI onto this track. It will only be used as an audio channel.  Output 2, 3 and 4 will output the dry signal of the Virus outputs 2, 3 and 4. Please note: the FX return signal for all 4 parts is output on the Virus Instrument channel:
  11. Use the pop-up menu in the Virus|PowerCore, to switch between the different parts in order to assign/edit the sounds:
  12. Please note, that the outputs of all 4 parts are routed to 'Out 1' by default when you instantiate the Virus, so be sure to set each part to their corresponding output (part 1 = Out 1, part 2 = Out 2 etc) on the 'FX-1' page:
  13. Enjoy !