Question Is the PolyTune / PolyTune 2 able to display settings during boot-up Answer Yes it is. The power up or boot cycle of the PolyTune / PolyTune 2 changes depending on the position of the foot switch. If you input the power jack first and then the Input jack OR the Input jack first and then the power jack, nothing will happen. But, if you push the foot switch before you input the jacks, regardless of the order (power jack and input jack) the PolyTune / PolyTune 2 will power up in a special way and display the following sequentially for a second:
  1. G (shows the display type, needle or stroboscope mode)
  2. STD (for standard tuning instead of capo mode)
  3. E (for E tuning instead of Drop D)
  4. 440 (for 440 Hz ref note)
Then it turns off. You have to press again on the foot switch to power up the PolyTune / PolyTune 2 and it will stay on. Note that your settings if you choose something different as the ref note, for instance 442 Hz will be memorized even if the PolyTune / PolyTune 2 is turned off.