Question Are the analog outs and digital outs operational at the same time

Answer For the products below, you can use both analogue and digital outputs at the same time.
    TC Electronic: Guitar Effects       G-Force       G-Major (discontinued)       G-Major 2       G-Natural       G-System / Ltd. / iB Modified       Nova System/Nova System Limited    TC Electronic: Studio, Touring & Install       C300       C400XL       D-Two       Finalizer (discontinued)       Finalizer 96K       Finalizer Express       Finalizer Plus (discontinued)       FireworX       Gold Channel (discontinued)       Intonator (discontinued)       M-One (discontinued)       M-One XL       M300 (discontinued)       M350       M2000       M3000       Triple-C (discontinued)    TC Electronic: Broadcast       D22       DBMax       P2