Question Are there any tips for adjusting the levels in the Nova System

The level calibration of your Nova System with the guitar and the amp is the first condition to achieve a good sound. There is no universal setting and this depends mainly on the type of the amp. You can use the method below to adjust the levels between the units:  
  • Connect the guitar to the drive input,
  • Connect the left out to the amp input - Or it could also be FX return or PWR amp input(if there is one),
  • Set amp master volume at 0,
  • Recall Factory preset B 9-3. In this preset all blocks are bypassed,
  • Activate the Boost - The Nova System output level is -6dB lower than its input, this is to keep headroom for the boost function. Check the Boost section of the manual to learn more about the Boost function,
  • Press Level and go to Input gain : adjust the guitar input gain,
  • Increase the amp volume until you get a good lead level,
  • Disable the boost.
If you think you have a lot of hiss (that could occur if you use the guitar input on the amp - probably not if it is FX return):
  • Go to advanced parameter (in level menu) and set it to ON,
  • Go to parameter called output range, and lower it to 2 dBu - Increase the master volume of the amp. The output range parameter also offers 8 dBu, 14 dbu and 20 dbu. These settings will probably match a FX return or power amp input,
  • Eventually disable the Boost,
 Once you have achieved correct calibration with clean sound, you are ready.