Question On the Flashback Mini pedal, how do I access the presets found on the Flashback Delay (standard size). Answer Even though the Flashback Mini Delay does not have the delay type selector present on the Flashback Delay (standard size), it is a possible to get every preset of the Flashback Delay on the Flashback Mini. To achieve this you need to use the TonePrint Editor. It is located here as a free download for both PC & MAC. The templates available in the TonePrint editor are setup with the delay type selector knob from the Flashback Delay. Furthermore you will find some extra delays and modulation effects. You can access the templates on the left part of the editor page called "Toneprints". Just next to "Load" & "Store" buttons, there is a drop down menu with all templates.
  • 10 different delay types available on the Flashback Delay through the delay type selector
  • 16 different delay types available with templates on the TonePrint editor
Finally I would like to mention a cool thing. Once you have chosen a template, you can see all parameters of this template. Then you have a choice to store it as it is, or you can modify it before storing to the pedal. An easy way to create your own TonePrints. Please take a look at the TonePrint editor user manual to learn more You can do same thing for the HOF Mini Reverb