Question What is the software update history of the G-Force Answer The latest software for the G-Force is version 2.04 Software Changes from v.2.03 to v. 2.04: 1. New Utility mode "Tuner Midi Out" added, - to be used with G-Minor 2. New Board type "TC G-Minor" added 3. New Mapping mode "External" added Software Changes from v.2.02 to v. 2.03: * Fixed: Tuner mute defect when changing input level and when tapping a delay time. * Fixed: Reverb level bug, Simple and Advanced Reverb Rev Lev, Room Lev and Decay Lev do not retain their sound after a recall. * Fixed: Speaker filter is turned ON at first power up * Fixed: Wrong graphic update * New pitch detector range for 7 string guitars. Software Changes from v.2.00 to v. 2.02: * Preset 142 replaced by preset 42 * Simple reverb - distortion when changing color. Corrected. * Self test program fixed. Software Changes from v.1.14 to v. 2.00: Changes from 1.14 to 2.00: * MIDI bulk dump, is not received properly in e.g. Cubase. A delay has been inserted between the data packets. Fixed. * The mute-errors and initialization-errors relating to preset-change relating to insertion of algo's are fixed. * Stereo-delay algo - does not function correctly - fixed. * Pitch-detection problems are fixed. * Stereo-delay algo fixed. * Dual TwoTap delay - Error in tap-link - fixed. * The Drive algorithm has been improved. * New Pitch-subalgorithm : 2 voice - 2 octave implemented. * Gate algorithm updated - Maxdamping now goes to 90 dB & Release rate goes to 200 dB/s. * Real ByPass (mute) - meaning that Gate is allways active in background. * Real ByPass (mute) - meaning that Compressor is allways active in background. Software Changes from v.1.13 to v.1.14: 1. New revision of mainboard will not lock, need to implement PLL help support. This is backward compatible with old mainboard. Corrected. Software Changes from v.1.12 to v.1.13: 1. Pitcher is not properly initialized! Corrected. 2. Controllers must be reset (according to setting) at power-up. Corrected. 3. ADSR not properly initalized at power-up. Corrected. 4. Added support for multiple CARD banks to support G-Card. Corrected 
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