Question When I power up the display says "RAM is corrupted, settings cleared". I also have lost all my user presets, and when I program a new one, it will not remember it when I power the unit off. How do I solve this problem

This problem could be caused by a defective battery.  Try the built-in self test program - knowing the outcome will make it easier to diagnose this error. For more information regarding entering the self test program, please refer to your users manual - or the description below: Here's how:
  1. Hold the BYPASS button while powering up, to enter the reset menu.
  2. Then, select RUN TEST PROGRAM from the menu, and press ENTER
  3. Select the appropriate test program and press ENTER
If the test fails, please get in touch with the dealer you bought it from, to have the battery exchanged. If the test doesn't fail, please get in touch with the TC Support Team.
This issue affects the following products:
  • Finalizer
  • Finalizer Plus
  • Finalizer 96K
  • FireworX
  • G-Force
  • Intonator
  • M2000
  • M3000
  • Reverb 4000