Question Is it possible to use the Behringer FCB-1010 with the G-Major

The Behringer FCB-1010 is only moderately suited for use with the G-Major. It does allow patch changes although it has an offset of 1, so you will need to compensate for this with the G-Major's MIDI mapping features. It also allows MIDI CC control over the G-Major's parameters via the expression pedals. The only main feature in the G-Major that is not fully supported by the Behringer is the on/off switching of the G-Major's effect blocks. There's a partial workaround for that though, which is described in this article. This will give you 5 on/off switches, we believe that this is not enough however, since the G-Major has 7 switchable blocks... The bottom line is: yes it works, as long as you don't expect full compatibility.