Question What are the settings used Marc Cooper (Coop de Ville) in the G-Major demo video

Here are the various custom settings used in the video. For the Chorus settings:Sub type       Clas.ChoCho Speed    0.122Cho Depth    71%Cho Tempo   ignoredCho HiCut    15.8kHzCho Mix        50%Cho Outlev    0dBCoop also used a Reverb:Sub type          PlateRev Decay       3.0sRev Predelay   20msRev Shape      curvedRev Size         LargeRev HiCol      CrispRev Hifact      8Rev LoCol     LightRev Lofact     11Rev Lo Lv      0dBRev Revlev     -4dBRev Diffus       0Rev RoomLv  0dBRev Mix         17%Rev Out Lev    0dBCoop used 3 effects (Delay/Reverb/Pitch) Delay:Dly1        512msDly2        769msTempo1   IgnoredTempo2   IgnoredDly FB1  55%Dly FB2  63%FBHcut   7.08 kHzFBLcut    50.12 kHzPan1        50LPan2        50RMix          57%Outlev       0dBReverb:Subtype     HallDecay        4.1 sPredelay     6 msShape         RoundSize            SmallHiCol         WarmHifact         -2LowCol      RoundLowfact       9Roomlv      -1 dBRevlev        -9 dBDiffus         12Mix             22%Outlev         0dBPitch:Subtype       DetuneVoiceL         15%VoiceR         -5%DelayL         50 msDelayR         25 msMix              50%Outlev          0dB