Question Can the three delays be synchronized with each other on the Flashback Triple Delay If so, how Answer Yes, this is possible. If order to synchronize the 3-delays together, you have to select and edit each delay section one by one you using the mini toggle switch: "DELAY 1 -DELAY 2 -DELAY 3" Start by selecting "DELAY 1" on the mini toggle switch. Then you would want to set the delay time using the "TIME" knob, for example at the 12 o'clock position. Then move on to the "SUBDIV" knob, setting this as you wish. The delay time and subdivision for the 3-delays have to be identical in order to synchronize them. The "REPEATS" and the "MIX" knobs, however, can be set as you wish since these parameters will not effect the delay synchronization. Before moving onto Delay 2, remember to save your settings by pressing and holding foot switch 1 for a few seconds. The light flashes green four times and returns back to red. Your Delay 1 settings are now stored. Repeat the same procedure for Delay 2 as you did for Delay 1. In order to synchronize the second delay with the first one, the delay time and delay subdivision settings must be exactly the same, as previously mentioned. Again, do not forget to store the settings of Delay 2 by pressing and holding foot switch 2 for a few seconds- Finally, go through the same procedure with Delay 3 as you did for Delay 1 and Delay 2. Once more, remember to store these settings with foot switch 3!  The TonePrint Editor can also be useful in setting delay times and other parameters. For example, the middle position of the "REPEATS" knob will give you between 595 ms or 614 ms when set by hand. By using the TonePrint Editor, you can see exactly which value the knob is set to, as well as being able to change this value using the mouse, which might offer an easier and more accurate means of setting parameter values. Furthermore, with a configuration of around 595 ms to 614 ms delay repeats, you will obtain a big sounding delay. Try shifting delay times a bit. For instance: DELAY 1 :586 ms, DELAY 2: 614 ms & DELAY 3: 643 ms. Add some modifications using the mini toggle switch "SERIAL/PARALLEL" as well as with the "SUBDIV" knob. Experiment and enjoy the differences.