Question What can I do with Dynamic EQ for PowerCore

With most common equalizers, correcting gain imbalances in program material will result in subtle yet sometimes undesirable changes to the spectral balance of the rest of the audio material. What you can do with Dynamic EQ for PowerCore is very different as it eliminates the shortcomings of static EQ by providing a marriage between dynamics processing and EQ. Utilizing 48 bit double precision, Dynamic EQ for PowerCore delivers the most accurate and flexible equalization possible, without compromise. It may even be used in a phase linear mode, for even more transparent results. Dynamic EQ offers up to four definable bands, which can work in static or dynamic mode, or even a combination of both. Each of the bands can be configured as a parametric EQ or hi/low shelving filter. The sidechain bands can be unlinked from the processing bands, so the high frequency content of a mix can control the low-end and vice versa, and from PowerCore software version 3 an upwards, an external audio signal can be used for the sidechain bands. This gives you the following benefits:
  • Better control over dynamic signals and 'critical' material
  • Multiple Frequency bands can be controlled independently
  • With linear phase MODE the typical coloration of sound caused by phase effects introduced by normal EQ' s can be prevented. This is especially interesting for mastering purposes since the original  sound character of the processed material can be maintained.
  • Changes in EQ and signal dynamics at the EQ' d frequency can be created which are triggered either above or below the individual threshold levels in four adjustable frequency bands.
Typical Applications: Mixing
  • Removal of annoying hisses in spoken word or vocal recordings
  • Correct musical instrument volume imbalances in a mix
  • Dynamic Loudness Control
  • Enhance or sweeten a mix
  • Eliminate background noise
  • Apply dynamic boost or cut of important or annoying spectral  component.
Creative Sound Design
  • Create dynamically controlled effects by applying extreme EQ and gain changes