Question How do I install my optional PowerCore plugin, so I can use it as an Audio Units plugin under Mac OS X

PowerCore software versions 1.7 to 2.2.1. When downloading your optional plugin for PowerCore, you actually download a VST plug-in. In order to use this as an Audio Units plug-in, you need to convert it from VST to Audio Units using the TCAU wrapper supplied with the PowerCore installer. This is how you install Audio Units support for your optional PowerCore plug-in:
  1. Please first confirm that the plug-in can be found in the correct folder; see complete path in the screenshot below. The harddrive and computernames -- the bottom 2 entries -- can differ from computer to computer. If the plug-in is not there already, please first run the installer for the plug-in. Image
  2. Go to the /Applications/Utilities folder, where you will find the TCAU Patcher application. Doubleclick its Icon to run it. If you do not have a TCAU Patcher application in this folder, please download, unzip and install the appropriate PowerCore driver which you can download from this page. Image
  3. The TCAU Patcher application will now scan all your PowerCore plug-ins and convert them into Audio Units versions. Image
  4. That's it. You're now ready to use your optional plug-in in your Audio Units host program. Image
Please note the following: the operation of the PowerCore under Audio Units depends on these VST plug-ins being left where they were installed, so although you do not have a VST host, and do not wish to use the VST versions, please don't move them or delete them, otherwise the Audio Units plug-ins will stop working!
PowerCore software versions from 3 and onwards. From Powercore software version 3 and onwards, all PowerCore plug-ins are available as true Audio Units plug-ins and no longer need to be converted from VST plug-ins to an Audio Unit plug-ins. All PowerCore software / plug-in installers will install both VST and Audio Unit plug-ins on your system.