Question I can see that the signal passes through 2 different AD/DA converters. It is commonly said and written in forums that this will affect my guitar tone. Is that true

Instead of lengthy explanations we have made a recording and you can be the judge. Please download the small AIFF file below and listen to it carefully. You will hear 2 chords played twice.  In one case, two chords are recorded directly from the guitar into the Konnekt audio Interface guitar input. Then the same two chords are played after we have inserted the G-System between the guitar and the Konnekt. All blocks of the G-System are bypassed, but the signal is passing through two different AD/DA converters. We have of course adjusted levels within the G-System and the Konnekt input. The recordings were made in Cubase 4. We have put the two recorded bits together, but we won't tell in which order :-)  Can you guess which is which
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