Question How can I control the Correction Scale of the Intonatur HS with MIDI using Logic under Mac OS X

Answer The AudioUnits standard currently has a limitation of not supporting hybrid plug-ins with MIDI support. That means it has to be either an Audio-instrument or an Effects plug-in. However, this workaround, will allow you to control the Scale that the Pitch-correction in the Intonator HS is correcting to, via MIDI.
  1. Place the audio you wish to process on an empty Audiotrack. Please note that as the Intonator HS is a mono plug-in, you need to use a mono Audiotrack.
  2. Turn down the volume of your Audiotrack which contains your audiofile. Image
  3. Then, send the output of the vocaltrack to an empty Bus channel of your choice. Image
  4. Make sure that the output of the Bus is either muted or the channel fader turned all the way down, otherwise you will be able to hear the dry-signal in addition to the processed signal from the Intonator HS. Image (Click to enlarge)
  5. Set the send of the vocaltrack to Pre-fader: Image
  6. Insert the Intonator HS as a mono Audio-instrument on an empty audio-instrument channel: Image
  7. Set the Intonator HS to MIDI-mode: Image
  8. Choose the Bus channel from Step 3 as input for the Side-chain: Image      Image (Click on each to enlarge)
  9. Start playback and either play some notes on your MIDI-keyboard or input them into the Matrix editor / Score editor (depending on what you prefer). Image (Click to enlarge)
  10. Please make sure that the Correction Windows is set high enough for the Intonator to get close enough to the notes in your Scale to be able to actually correct to them. For instance, you can start at 600 cents and adjust downwards from there. Image