Question Every time I go into a preset and turn the G system's noise gate off and then save the preset, If i go back in to the noise gate settings on any preset, it still shows as on. How can i turn it off Answer In EDIT mode, the effect blocks are automatically activated when you enter in their respective menu. For example if you choose REVERB, the corresponding switch will light and the effect is audible. It is the same for the GATE, even though it has no dedicated switch on the board. That is why you always see it as ON when you enter its menu.  If you turn off the Gate and save the preset you can be sure that it will stay off. No need to go back and check You can actually check that the gate is OFF with the Damp yellow LED's. If they don't show anything, it is because the gate does not work. When a Gate is active and you are not playing, you will always see 1 or several yellow led's on. (if the threshold is not at minimum of course).