Question Whenever I turn the G-Major off, then turn it on the GlobalOutLV is set at -100 dB, therefore I get no sound output and I have to go to"Levels all" and set the GlobalOutLV to ->100 dB to get sound. Why is this happening and what is the fix

Answer Global parameters values on G-Major are stored when the unit is powered down with the power switch on the front panel. If you have a general switch for a whole rack, the unit will not store the last settings and will always restart on the last saved settings - ie. the settings from last time the unit was powered off from the front panel. This means, if you edit a global parameter and wish to save it, power off from the front panel. In this case set GlobalOutLV at 0dB and power cycle from the front panel. Next time you use your rack switch, the unit will restart at 0dB volume. Other Global parameters are: Global Inlevel,  Killdry, Input Type, Input and Output Range, etc.