Question I would like to use a Nova Drive with My Nova System. Is there any software integration between these two units similar to the one existing between G-System and Nova Drive If not how "compatible" are these two devices

There is no specific integration of Nova Drive parameters in Nova System software, as it is the case between G-System and Nova Drive (In G-System you can edit some Nova Drive parameters directly from G-System edit menu). It is still possible to recall Nova Drive Presets from the Nova System. The Nova System can send MIDI Program Changes messages when recalling User presets. In addition the Nova System has a MIDI Mapping out feature that allows to send any MIDI program change to the MIDI out, when recalling an internal preset. This means that if your Nova Drive has i.e. 5 main presets, it is possible to decide which one of these presets will be recalled at preset change on the Nova System.