Question Which expression pedal or volume pedal can I use with my G-Major Can I use a simple volume pedal made with a pot meter

Yes, you can use most volume or expression pedals for controlling the parameters of the G-Major. We don't want to recommend certain models as we cannot guarrantee that the respective manufactures won't alter their designs. We recommend that you test the pedal before you buy it. We recommend that the resistance (impedance) of the pedal is between 20 kOhm and 50 kOhm. Pedals with more than 100kOhm impedance (i.e. some Ernie Ball pedals with 250 kOhm or 500 kOhm impedance will not give a satisfying result when used for the pedal input on the G-Major, choose their 25 kOhm version instead). Please remember to calibrate the pedal in the G-Major's MIDI/UTIL menu, please refer to the manual for further details.