Question I cannot find the frequency range of my BH amplifier in the user manual. Answer Indeed we do not have that information available at this point. Perhaps in the coming months we'll communicate these particular specifications. Such specs are probably not all that relevant when dealing with a bass amp head without considering the cab(s) to which a head will be connected. Furthermore, the measurement of frequency response is often +/-3dB dynamic and that may not mean much since it covers too wide a range. Bass guitar frequencies rarely go above the 10khz frequencies or below 35hz low frequencies. As you are probably aware, frequency response is not the only feature. The dynamic range and the general tonal colour are also important as part of the overall sound. These aspects are largely provided by the cabinet(s). In any case,  the frequency response of the RH450 is wide enough for all bass types, even 6-string basses. Please keep in touch with us through our Website to be informed of all news You can also sign up to our newsletter by entering your email address at the bottom of the same page. This FAQ refers to the RH/BH series.