Question How is the subnet mask set for the System6000 / Reverb6000 / Mastering6000

The subnet mask cannot be changed from the user interface of the ICON, but there is a workaround so it can be set for the Mainframe6000, but not the CPU6000.
  1. Go here to get the latest software.
  2. Create a floppydisk with the Frame software (be sure to uncheck the 3 other disks in the guide).
  3. Go to your A drive and open up the m6kboot.ctl file with Notepad and go to 4th paragraph which looks like this: # Configure ethernet Sub net mask (headline - ignore this line, as it only tells you what is being set here) #CESNM (the actual subnet mask. The # sign makes the Mainframe ignore it during boot)
  4. Change the Subnet mask to one of your choice, and delete the # sign in front of the second line containing the Subnet mask to have the Mainframe read the line.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Boot the Mainframe from the floppy.
  7. All done.