Question The Tap tempo is inacurate with these controlers. You can see in the display that the G-Major gets multiple taps even when you tap 1 time.

The FC-200 CTL buttons are factory default to momentary* action you MUST re-program the FC-200 in order to get a latching function for the button you want to use as tap tempo. The FC-200 manual explains very clearly how to this. The only "problem" we could find is that, if you want to re-program the "CTL" button to latch, you must reprogram all buttons to latch "Lc"=On (page 21) - and then, if you want some of the other buttons (in Cc-mode) to be momentary, set them back to this, ie. "L1"=Of (page25). The LED corresponding to ie. the CTL shows actually the selected action. It will light WHILE the button is pressed in momentary mode. -And toggle on/off when the button is pressed in latching mode. We have not tried with the other mentioned Roland boards, but tend to think that it is a similar situation. Note*: The momentary action means that the FC-200 sends a max value when the button is pressed and a min value when released = Two MIDI messages right after each other if using it for tapping a tempo. The G-Major interprets the time between these two messages as the tempo. Hence a latching type must be used.