Question Why can't I have 8 digital inputs with my Unity card with I/O extension when using extended routing

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have both 8 digital inputs (routed to the Mic input channels 1-8) and at the same time have direct access to the Stereo bus (StLR and InsLR/RetLR). We would very much like to do so but this is limited by the 02R hardware. If you refer to the upper figure in UnitY manual page 12 you will see that with 02R standard routing you must CHOOSE between the analog inputs OR the inputs from Slot3. The lower figure shows how you can keep the analog inputs and access the StereoLR bus directly. This means that we cannot offer 8 separate digital inputs AND the StereoLR access with the UnitY card, simply because the 02R "only" have 8 "wires" from the slot input. Please also have a look on the block diagram on page 14: The external inputs 5.6 & 7.8 can be routed to StereoLR or 21.22 (please note that with the Finalizer inserted on StereoLR the channel 21.22 will NOT be possible but will be replaced by RetLR). The summary is that with the UnitY card in Extended Routing you cannot get 8 discrete channels thru the card, but you can keep the 8 analog inputs and have two additional stereo inputs directly to LR thru the UnitY external inputs 5.6 & 7.8. So what is actually possible When you have set DIO page 2 to INT ANALOG and you have the Finalizer inserted in the stereo bus, you can have the UnitY cards External input channels 5.6 and 7.8 routed directly to the stereo bus. This is useful for e.g. extra FX returns. Attached is a drawing which might be useful as an addendum to the manual. Please see the attached bitmap. We know that some might say that the extra cost of a UnitY I/O-extension is a lot for two additional stereo inputs. OK, they are 24bit directly to the stereo bus, so... But, please note that you can still use the 8 Ins & Outs if you don't need the Finalizer simultanously. Thus, you can create a scene where you use the UnitY card as an ordinary I/O card and another scene where you use the UnitY FX or the Finalizer. Please note that the settings of DIO page 2 are NOT stored in 02R scenes.