Question I would like to inquire about the true bypass/buffered bypass settings on the dip switches in the back of the pedal. I have downloaded the manual but I am still a little unsure how to set these. Answer This will explain the layout when looking at the pedal from behind with dip switches in the top left
  • Upper dip switch-1 Off(left): True bypass -This is the default mode
  • Upper dip switch-1 On(right): Buffered bypass
  • Lower dip switch-2 Off(left): Kill dry Off 
  • Lower dip switch-2 On(right): Kill dry On
To get delay or reverb spillover (trails) once you bypass the pedal you need to choose buffered bypass. Dip switch-1 On(to the right). If you put both dip switches On you will no longer have any dry signal when the pedal will be bypassed. This FAQ is for all TonePrint serial pedals which have both bypass and kill dry dip switches. You can use this picture as a reference: 20150924_155442.jpg