Question How do I set up levels on the Nova System when using it in a FX loop with line inputs

  1. Connect the Amp FX send to the Nova System Line Input.
  2. Connect Nova System left output to Amp FX return.

Levels settings: Parameters names are underlined and values in bold below.
  • Recall preset F9-3 if you are in preset mode or bypass all effects blocks if you are in Pedal mode.
  • Press Level Menu button.
  • Set Input parameter to Line.
  • Set InputGain so that arrows >> get as close as possible to the 0, but 0 must not show up.Check p.14 in the manual for further details.
  • If you need to gain to 24 and the level is still too low, check if your amp has a send level, and if it does, turn it up.
  • Once InputGain is correctly set, disconnect the cable that connects the Nova System left output to the amp FX return. Listen to the difference of level. If the levels are identical you are ready, if not:
    • Set Advanced to ON.
    • Set OutputRange (2, 8, 14, 20 dBu): if your level was too low, increase the value, if it was too high decrease that value. Disconnect and reconnect the FX return cable to compare.