Question I run my G-Major in combination with a MIDI controllable preamp, The preamp switching works fine as long as I do the preset changes manually via the front panel wheel. It does not work at all when I try it via the footcontroller.

This is normally a matter of making the right connections : We recommend the following setup :
  1. Footcontroller MIDI OUT to MIDI IN of your MIDI preamp.
  2. Connect the MIDI THRU from the preamp to the MIDI IN of the G-Major.
This way your pedal board sends the MIDI preset change commands to both the preamp and the G-Major and you can use the G-Major´s MIDI mapping function to map your G-Major's presets in the right order so the right preset/amp channel combination is selected with a touch of a button. Click here for more info on the G-Majors MIDI mapping function.