Question How does relay switching work in G-System What are RELAY A and RELAY B used for

Answer 1.HARDWARE -  Physical relays: G-System has 4 latching relays - each SW output connects with 2 relays. Depending on how the amp switching is built and assuming it has 2 channels,  you'll need 1 or 2 relays - Example 1 - 1 relay switches between 2 options Relay 1 is closed = channel 1 ON - channel 2 OFF Relay 1 is open = channel 2 ON - Channel 1 OFF Example 2 : 1 relay switches 1 channel on and off (so you need 2 relays) Relay 1 is closed and Relay 2 is open = channel 1 ON - channel 2 OFF Relay 1 is open and relay 2 is closed = channel 2 ON - Channel 1 OFF You could extend these examples to 3 and 4 channels With example 1 system. using 2 relays, you could  switch up to 4 options - using pairs such as OPEN-CLOSED / CLOSED-OPEN / OPEN- OPEN / CLOSED- CLOSED - Using 4 relays you'll go to 8 options (and theoretically 16 - but I don't know any amp like that) From example 2 you would need 4 relays to switch 4 channels on and off.. 2. SOFTWARE - On G-System relay menu, you can set 2 combinations of the 4 relays - A and B do not correspond to SW1 = A and SW2 = B, it is A= SW1+SW2 (combination A) and B= SW1+SW2 (combination B), C decides which combination is active when you recall the preset. When you set A to OOCC it means relay 1= Open, Relay 2 = open, Relay 3 = Closed, Relay 4 = closed - In fact according to our hardware example 2, you can switch - worse case - 4 channels (could be your 2 amps x2 channels) - NOTE : THIS WILL WORK ONLY IF THE AMP HAS LATCHING RELAYS (AND NOT MOMENTARY) So now I am sure you're wondering what RELAY B is used for. When you recall the preset, you'll have your RELAY A combination recalling your Channels in the amp - So your preset with specific effects correspond to a given channel in the amp - You can make new presets to get other channels and effects. But in G-System, you can (if you want) use the same preset with a different amp channel, by recalling RELAY B at any moment - You can do that by dedicating one switch of the board to RELAY  (this is done in SWITCHES menu). When you press the switch, you will toggle between RELAY A and RELAY B Click here for a video explanation