Question When my Flashback X4 is connected to the TonePrint Editor I  hear a delay with 1/4 (quarter note)+1/8 (doted eighth note) even if the selector in on 1/4 (quarter note) position. This is the same no matter what TonePrint slot I am on. If I go to Library page or I disconnect the USB from the pedal, once I turn the delay type selector to another TonePrint slot, everything works properly again. I'm the only one who has this issue  Answer Regarding the subdivision selector it's a setting which is not available on the TonePrint editor. Thus, in order to have a 1/4 (quarter note) subdivision just move the subdivision selector on the pedal to another position and go back to quarter note or any position you would like. Otherwise, no worries, it's normal. Your Flashback X4 works fine. I will tell you on how it works. Once you open the TonePrint editor, it sends a "Default TonePrint" to the pedal. This default TonePrint is actually the "2290" template. This template is saved from our development department with the subdivision selector set to 1/4 (quarter note) +1/8 (doted eighth note). From there you can edit your own TonePrint.Once you are satisfied with it, simply send the TonePrint to the pedal. Once again, the "Default TonePrint" is sent right after the sending of your own TonePrint. The result is that you can no longer hear your own TonePrint previously sent to the pedal. No worries, your TonePrint is still memorised but the "Default TonePrint" stays in the buffer memory of the pedal. Simply close the TonePrint editor or disconnect the USB from the pedal. Move the delay selector to another position and go back to the original TonePrint slot. Now you can hear your own TonePrint again. Remember the subdivision selector is stored with the preset A, B & C and is not available in the TonePrint editor so you cannot store this setting in a TonePrint. Use preset A, B or C in order to store:
  • Position of Delay Type selector
  • Position of Delay Time knob
  • Position of Subdivision selector
  • Position of Feedback knob
  • Position of Delay Level knob
Here you will learn the differences between TonePrints and A-B-C presets and how to combine both for a wide spectrum of possibility This FAQ is for all X4 pedals:
  • Flashback X4
  • Alter Ego X4
  • Flashback X4 Triple Delay

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