Question How should I set the dither on the Finalizer when I record digitally to a CD recorder

It´s actually very easy. The Finalizer can apply 3 diffent dither types. You have
  • Stereo dither,
  • Mono dither,
  • Out-of phase dither.
It depends on what kind of sounds your outputting, what kind of dither to choose. Dither is adding shaped noise to your original signal to prevent that certain low level sounds will vanish or sound distorded because of going to a lower quantisation resolution. By applying dither these artifacts will be smoothed out. So if you are recording to a 16 bit device like a CD-recorder, you should dither to 16 bit. When you are recording mono material, we suggest you use the mono dither Type (M). When mixing final stereo mixes you should use the Stereo dither type (S). If you have unfocused low signals, you can always try to use the INV out of-phase dither.