Question I get a lot of noise (hiss) when I connect my G-Natural to my acoustic guitar amp, especially when the compressor is active.  Answer It is very likely that the analog output is too high. On The G-natural you can scale the analog level range to match different type of devices. The output range should be set differently whether you connect the G-Natural  to a PA Pro Mixer or to an acoustic  guitar amp, or other units in between.  How to change the output range:
  • Press LEVELS
  • Use Edit D knob to find the parameter output range
  • Typically, set the value to +2dbu if you connected G-natural to a guitar amp
  • Typically, set the value to +20dBu if you are connecting to a professional mixer (Studio, Large  PA) 
  • Intermediate values (+8 and +14)  can of course be used to fine adjust.  (i.e. smaller PA mixers)