Question How to recreate the main feature of the VPD-1 VIntage Pre-Drive, the "BOOST" foot switch Answer The VPD1 Vintage Pre-Drive pedal is discontinued and no longer available. For all of you who have the chance to have this little magic black box, it was a fantastic overdrive machine with a great sound, warm and living. See on this video:  In addition to its fabulous sound, the VPD1 has a special feature which makes it so interesting. This is the second foot switch "BOOST". In addition to the first foot switch for the ON/OFF function, it has a second foot switch for the boost function. This is coupled with the boost volume, a bass switch and a midboost tone control named "RESONANCE". To replicate that with other units, we suggest to use two MojoMojo overdrive pedals in a serial setup. You will be able to use one MojoMojo, with a particular setting. The second MojoMojo with another setting. And the both MojoMojo together ! You will get a first sound with the first MojoMojo only activated. A second sound, different as the first one with the second MojoMojo set differently. The third sound with the two of them together. Great! In fact, the second MojoMojo gives the "BOOST" foot switch of the VPD1. Remember Stevie Ray Vaughan; he did the same way with two overdrive pedals. What a big sound, isn't it